The Power of the Petal

When I was around 4 years young, our Mother joined a very special intention group. In this group she learned to think that your Mind is like a sacred, snow white, beautiful, silky pristine carpet… One had to be very cautious and assertive about who stepped on that carpet - you would not allow someone with filthy shoes to walk across it, or someone to barge into your space and dump out a contaminated garbage container onto it… so you had to be very cautious of what thoughts you entertained, because thoughts could also ruin the pristine condition of your Mind… In 2003, during the time period my Father passed away, I started a journey: In a box filled with books, the work of John Keyhoe found me. Then in 2006, The Law of Attraction found its way to me. After the Law of Attraction , I found the 12 Universal Laws and then I was led to the 7 SACRED COSMIC PRINCIPLES… Lynn MacTaggart and her wonderful connection and intention projects have also mesmerized me. Consciousness  is something you have to work on daily, sometimes it works on you SubConsciously, and then, like a mushroom, pops up Consciously, as if your Mind was a wonderful Garden! It is a mystical motion with Thoughts on the hermetical dance floor we call Life. Unbeknowst to most individuals existing and battling on the surface of this amazing World, also known as Mother Earth, everything in our Universe/Multiverse is related, influenced and lived through 7 SACRED COSMIC PRINCIPLES… They are briefly mentioned in many religious scriptures, but there is a conscious decision missing in most religions to ignore their sustainable influence on Life - why make Minds independent and lose power? Privileges should come with responsability. Take nothing for granted. Observing, Living and Practising the Principles daily, gives you a deeper insight into your Life & Faith. It gives deeper meaning to Life & Love. I had the privilege every Child should have - I spent most of my Childhood in gardens… Nature, is the one genuine Holy Scripture She is so Sacred and our treatment of her is profane and a evidence that we have lost touch with her… Art gives me greater objectivity in many fields. I can believe that Albert Einstein once said: Schaue ganz tief in die Natur, und dann verstehst du alles besser.“ - Once you have studied Nature more intensely, you will understand everything a lot better... We all have the Ability in us to be GREAT Beings. The Universe has graced us with free will on this amazing Jewel: What we do with it, HOW we Love  & Live with it, is ultimately, only up to us! Anyone who tells you differently, does not know the TRUE Meaning of Love or Life..
QHHT Karlsruhe